OnTheFed.com is where politics and the markets collide! We provide a unique take on the day’s news by searching for the intersection between the world of finance with US and global politics.

OntheFed.com strives to bring you well sourced in-depth articles on topics that are relevant to the day’s news cycle. We also provide articles that will help to increase the reader’s knowledge of not only the daily news but the systemic structure that frames the stories of the day.

Unlike the mainstream media, we take the time to put timely stories in context, rather than simply rushing out the facts with no historical or systemic context.

We believe in educating our readers not just in the most recent viral headline but also hope to enrich our readers with knowledge that will be useful when they go on to consume news from any source.

Overall we not only wish to inform our readers but help make our readers better informed citizens. We would love for our readers to take what they gain from our articles out into the world and share that information with family, friends, and co-workers.

Topics we cover:

  • The Federal Reserve Bank
  • US Financial Markets
  • US Federal Politics
  • Global Financial Markets
  • US Foreign Policy
  • Geopolitical events that influence the markets
  • Mainstream media coverage of Financial markets and US Politics
  • Individual financial trading instruments (individual stocks, bonds, currency pairs, futures contracts…etc.)

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