Google is Thought Police

google thought police

Google announced extreme measures today to monitor what their users are up to. What is hidden in the announcement by most of the media, is now they are broadcasting that they are openly thought programming. Something straight out of 1984. Straight up, Google is now trying to reprogram you. Not really much of a surprise for those who have been in the know. Read more at the bottom.

Take a look at some user comments off of Reddit on the situation:

Measures Include:

  • Redirecting people who search for certain keywords towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages.

Google, who’s workforce is roughly 25% foreign*, either through the H1B program or green card, announced they are dedicating 10,000 staff to monitor, police, and direct the content on the platform.

As Google’s AI ability grows, so will the overreach of your content. Nobody ever seems to read TOS when they sign up for things. And honestly, why would you? Someone as big as Google, one would think they would be doing things in a just manner. But, as always, power seems to corrupt. In the past users have experienced issues with Google locking users out of things they are working on due to a breach of TOS.

This specific situation was eventually solved, but it shows Google has the ability, and does, monitor and read your content as your editing it in real time. Facebook appears to do the same thing with their app. We’ll have a separate article soon about our friends over at Facebook. While people are screaming about the Russia situation. Why is nobody talking about the potential for corporate interference? Scroll down to see Google’s founder ties to the Clinton campaign.

How does Google have so much power? Maybe this? Click image for more.

Content curators or policymakers? Click image for more.

Is that a Eric Schmitt at a Clinton event? The emails don’t lie. Click image for more.

Who will watch the watchers?