Does President Trump’s tax plan have a chance to pass?

trumps tax plan

President Trump delivered a 45 minute speech in Indiana on Wednesday laying out his plan for extensive tax reform. Critics say it focuses on the rich but the Trump White House is framing the tax reform not only as tax cuts but as a job creation measure. They are touting the plan as a return to free market capitalism that made America great.

The New York Times stated in their article covering President Trump’s speech,”Republican congressional leaders and senior White House officials have said privately they expect to use special budget rules that would allow them to get the bill through Congress without Democratic support.”

It is unclear exactly how these ‘special budget rules’ would work to perform an end around Congressional Democrats.

Why Trump’s tax plan has a better chance than his health care plan

President Trump’s failure to pass health care reform was due not only to Democrat opposition. It was also due to the Liberty Caucus or libertarian wing of the GOP in Congress. That wing is made up of such names as Justin Amash and Thomas Massie in the House and Rand Paul in the Senate.

Rand Paul and the others in the Liberty Caucus were vocal that they believed the legislation the Trump White House was backing on health care did not go far enough. They did not want to repeal and replace they simply wanted to repeal Obamacare and open up the free market in health care. They did not want any government involvement in health care.

This is a key distinction when it comes to President Trump’s health care legislation vs his tax reform legislation. While the Trump tax cuts will still receive resistance from the majority of Democrats in Congress, he will receive the support of the Liberty Caucus and that will be the difference.