Joe Rogan: the silent majority in media

joe rogan

Joe Rogan, for any person that grew up in the 1990’s knows him as the Fear Factor guy. More recent fans might know him as a color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

But those that follow him closely these days know him as the top podcast broadcaster in the podcast realm.

Joe Rogan is inherently libertarian

Rogan often talks about how he does not know how to quantify his understanding of politics. However, if you simply hear him talk about to his guests, it is obvious that he is libertarian.  “I believe in low taxes, and I also believe in gay marriage and free pot.”

Where is Joe Rogan politically?

His guests tell the story. Milo Yilnopolias, Gavin Mcinnes, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson and Peter Schiff. There is no doubt that he has explored the rise of the social justice warrior online and in rallies.

He mostly agrees with these guest but also plays the role of devil’s advocate in interviews with these guests, which makes for an interesting listen.

What are Joe Rogan’s numbers?Joe Rogan mentioned on a recent podcast that he gets 120 million downloads a month. For the math deficient that is 30 million downloads a week. Rush Limbaugh was thought to be the largest media presence in the United States with a weekly listenership of 20 million.

Joe Rogan is the largest and most influential interviewer in modern American media.

Take that in for a second.

Who are Joe Rogan’s biggest guests?

By far Rogan’s largest impact was felt with his interview with Alex Jones. It sat in the number 1 slot on Itunes for over a week as well as surpassing Rogan’s most popular video on YouTube with Russell Brand by over a million currently clocking in at 4.3+ million.

And what is the great point here? The combination of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan  basically “broke the internet.”

Alex Jones also has a strong presence on the internet and has recently caught the attention of the mainstream media.

What is Rogan’s possible political impact?

Rogan has constantly called for online voting. He has also attacked both sides of the political aisle mercilessly. He has also been against immigration reform calling for, ” the end of borders.” He is also outspoken about the legalization of marijuana for legal recreational usage.