Donald Trump compromises in the Middle East

saudi trump administration

Donald Trump ran on a platform of non-interventionist foreign policy and wiping out the largely Wahhabist little cousin of Al-Queda, namely ISIS.

The first things on his list during his trip to the Middle East could not be more status quo. Kiss the ring of Bibi Netanyahu and the King of Saudi Arabia, namely King Salman.

Then he gets the Saudi’s to pour money into both Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. The Saudi’s paid pledged over $350 billion over ten years to purchase the United States made arms.

The Saudi’s Motive

Saudi Arabia also quietly contributed $20 to a new founded Blackstone fund founded funnel private and even more abhorrent, private foreign money into United States infrastructure. It takes Saudi investment to rebuild our infrastructure from which they will greatly profit.

Blackstone is a large multinational private equity firm with $311 billion under management.

This is a relationship that Trump was able to leverage to a great extent.

The Israel relationship under Trump

Trump talked tough during the Presidential campaign but failed to mention “Islamic terrorism” once during his visit so far. He made nice with Benjamin Netanyahu, who once claimed it was the grand mufti of Jerusalem to had a central role in the “final solution.” I point this out to show the lengths that Netanyahu will go to extend some kind of blame on the Palestinians making the first strike in the current war.

Trump is likely from his behavior so far to be more friendly than the Obama administration towards Israel.

But he has his limits. He is not talking about moving the US embassy to Tel Aviv. And he is slow to endorse the expansion of settlements.

What remains to be seen

Much remains to be seen under the Trump administration when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. But from what we have seen so far it is safe to say that the Trump administration, like every administration before it, will favor the Israeli State.

Systemically in the reason, he simply has no choice just as many others before him. Obama being “harsh on Israel was laughable to most analysts looking at the situation objectively.

It is telling that there was no meeting between the Trump team and those in Gaza or the West Bank.

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