Alan Dershowitz-famed attorney and leftist- believes there is no reason for investigation of Trump

alan dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz is a Harvard professor who is best known as a supporter of Democrats, a key consultant to OJ Simpson during that infamous trail and a staunch and open supporter of the State of Israel.

So it surprises some that he is coming out so strong in his opposition to an investigation of the Trump administration in its relations with Russia leading up to the Presidential election.

Professor Dershowitz has been appearing repeatedly on Fox and CNN over the last week laying out his case against the investigation that will be led by former director of the FBI Mueller.

Dershowitz who consistently refers to himself as a “civil libertarian” says that the worst that could come out of the investigation is evidence that General Flynn lied about his dealings with the Russians during the transition of power and Flynn would be indicted for those lies.

How could this help the Trump administration?

The results of the investigation by former Director Mueller would likely come before the 2018 mid-terms and if the results are positive would only help Republicans at the polls. That is assuming, which is likely, that the 2018 mid-terms will largely be a referendum on the first two years of the Trump administration.

So much like the back and forth with Comey leading up to the election, a positive result from Mueller’s investigation could turn the tide for Congressional Republicans.

How does the Comey firing figure into the investigation?

If Trump did indeed ask Comey to back off, Alan Dershowitz says that “…falls under the power of the Presidency to direct the Justice Department.” So any advice given to Comey by the President does not strengthen the investigation.

As the leader of the executive branch, President Trump has the full authority to advise his cabinet as he sees fit.

Here is Dershowitz laying out his case on the Tucker Carson Tonight: