Major shake up in political news benefits Tucker Carlson

tucker carlson

In the most recent of what has been a turbulent six months in political news, Bill Shine head of programming at Fox News is out. Tucker Carlson is the new king of ratings at Fox News. Since the election of President Trump, there has been a long list of changes in not only the lineups of television news but also the ratings wars.

Liberal media has enjoyed a boom in the President Trump era. Rachel Maddow has shot to the top of the ratings in her time slot on MSNBC. Bill Oreilly is done at Fox News due to multiple sexual harassment allegations from Fox News contributors. Megan Kelly has made the move to MSNBC since she had a falling out with then candidate Trump.

The three big winners in the shake-up

Rachel Maddow has seen a tremendous spike in her ratings since the inauguration of President Trump. Unrelated from the straightforward political news but still relevant to the conversation is Stephen Colbert. Colbert who got off to a slow start in taking over the much coveted David Letterman time slot on late night television on CBS. His unrelenting attacks on Trump have brought him ratings that have now surpassed Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Fallon has remained apolitical in an environment that is deeply divided along political lines.

The biggest winner on Fox News has been the journalistic journeyman Tucker Carlson. Carlson has had a long and storied career in political news. He started as a very young, sporting a bow-tie, on CNN’s Crossfire. He then moved on to MSNBC where he filled an early evening slot for the liberal cable news outlet.

Tucker Carlson has always been an amazing writer and an open-minded libertarian. It seems that he has found his perfect home in taking over Oreilly’s time-slot on Fox News. His bread and butter is to grill and pick apart the ill thought out ideas of far left liberals.

It makes for very entertaining television and I see him slowly moving up in the ratings and eventually reclaiming Orielly’s title as cable news king.