Linda McMahon, Trump level Cabinet member has interesting past with Trump

linda mcmahon

Trump Cabinet members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. There is former neo-surgeon Ben Carson who is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The Cabinet includes several former governors Rick Perry of Texas (Secretary of Energy) and Nikki Haley (US ambassador to the United Nations).

Although Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner get all the nepotism allegations and seem to have the closest access to President Trump on a daily basis. There is no doubt that Trump values their opinion. Eric Trump revealed recently to the Independent in the UK that Ivanka Trump had a huge influence in the decision to strike Syria. The gas attack that killed many small children inspired her to influence her father to strike.

However, there is a fascinating connection from President Trump’s past that led to a cabinet level appointment.

Meet Linda McMahon wife of Vince McMahon CEO of the WWE

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon have a relationship going back at least a decade when this took place:

Maybe Trump felt he owed McMahon a favor after delivering that tackle. Trump also shaved Vince McMahon head in the center of the ring at a WWE event.

Linda McMahon was involved with the WWE (formerly the WWF) for almost three decades. She even served as the companies CEO. McMahon left the company in 2009 to run for a Senate seat in Connecticut. She won the Democratic primary but lost in the general election. It was the same story in 2012 when she again won the Republican nomination for the US Senate election but went on to lose the general election.

McMahon gave $7 million to pro-Trump Super PACs

Trump obviously noticed her political ambitions. McMahon’s $1 million dollar donation to the Future 45 group and an additional $6 million to pro-Trump Super PAC Rebuilding America Now put her in a strong position to negotiate for a Cabinet position.

Linda McMahon is an extremely accomplished businesswoman. So it is unfair to assume her donations alone got her the position. She is a qualified Presidential Cabinet-level member. She and her husband took a small regional business and turned it into a multinational, multi-billion dollar company.

McMahon was eventually awarded the Cabinet-level position by Trump, now serving as Administrator of the Small Business administration.

She breezed through her confirmation hearing, garnering substantial Democrat support, with the Senate voting 81-19 to confirm her nomination.