Trump impromptu presser: “The wall gets built 100%…every country has a trade surplus with the US”

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On Tuesday President Donald Trump took some impromptu questions from the press about the border wall and a possible trade war with Canada. He also addressed countries trade surplus with the United States in general.

President Trump sitting in the White House and flagged by recently installed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signed his most recent in a long line of executive orders. This most recent executive order was titled Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America. The reason for the executive order is to allow Perdue to gather a team to identify current Federal rules and regulations that are keeping farmers and rural Americans from reaching their full earning potential.

Trump on the border wall timeline

Immediately after Trump signed the executive order, the press began firing non-related questions.

One reporter asked, “The wall gets built in the first term?”

Trump replied,” Yeah, sure…there is plenty of time.” He also drove home the point that there should be no question that the wall will be built stating,”The wall is going to get built…The wall gets built 100%…we are doing a lot of work on the wall.”  Trump again displayed his trademark characteristic of repeating important points in his communication with the press.

Trump on a trade war with Canada and their surplus with the US

Trump was asked if he feared a trade war with Canada to which he replied, “No not at all, they have a tremendous surplus with the United States, whenever they (any country) have a surplus I have no fear. By the way, virtually every country has a surplus with the United States.”

So in the course of two minutes, Trump addressed two of the major points that dominated his stump speech during the election. Now that Trump is approaching the 100-day mark some supporters are getting antsy for results. Meanwhile, his opponents are declaring victory and attempting to highlight Trump’s lack of results.

However, it is apparent that there is action happening on both the trade deal front, as we saw last week with VP Pence’s trip to Asia. Trump also pointed out that the border wall is no longer just talk when he said, “…we are beginning to work on specifications…” and members of his administration are emphasizing the importance of the wall to Trump in private conversations.